Thursday, July 16, 2020

The blind contour drawing project surprise

Go By Bus. Non dominant sketch, collage, experiment by Judith Hoffman, 2020
I am about halfway through my 100 Blind Contour project. This one counts, although it's non-dominant. They are all experiments. I am working toward using more collage with the drawings, trying to keep everything loose and fast. Just to be clear - the basic initial sketch is non dominant or blind contour. But after that I use my dominant hand, looking at the drawing, to add hatching, little details, etc.

Blind contour with hatching, collage. Judith Hoffman, 2020
I am so much loving the weird distortions most of these drawings have. The appeal is that I am surprised. Normally I tend to draw carefully and these are not at all what I expect. In this group the backgrounds are 5 x 7 pieces of heavy watercolor paper. I collage on whatever I find on my work table. The faces are drawn on architect's tracing paper, then collaged over the drawings. Then I add more hatching, texture, etc.
Blind contour drawing, hatching, collage. Judith Hoffman, 2020
This one needed some white to brighten up areas, I used a Posca pen. There are more in my Flickr albums. There are albums for my friend Eileen, my husband Jim, and now for myself. More to come as I get more photos from friends.


eileen2000 said...

I just love these so much!!! I wish I had your drawing skills but, no, I don't want to practice more, lol! Just wonderful.

Judith Hoffman said...

Thank you Eileen! I must say, I wish I could do the intuitive drawings that you do.

Wendy Jordan said...

I love these drawings-- they dont look like experiments in dominant-nondominant. The background collage is fabulous. Both distorted and realistic. Dreamy. You can draw me anytime! Don't even consider the idea that the picture looks flat-- so is the photo and definitely the painting in the background. You are talented with both hands!

Judith Hoffman said...

Thank you Wendy! I’m glad you like them. I must warn you if I draw you using the blind contour or non-dominant techniques, it may not resemble you in the least. Results are very hard to predict. (-: