Saturday, August 16, 2008

We travel in Boats

We Travel in Boats, 9.5 x 4 x .5 inches closed, ©2008, Davey board, Hahnemuhle Ingres paper, Prismacolors, acrylics, Dr. Martin's white ink. Larger view on flickr. (click "all sizes") This will be donated to the Book Arts Jam silent auction.

I had this drawing left from my tests for In my Dreams We travel in Boats. The cover was cut from Davey Board with a jeweler's saw and painted with acrylics. It's interesting to see the two books side by side. From the front, the content is very similar. The back of this one is blank though.

Monday, August 04, 2008

In my Dreams We travel in Boats

In my Dreams We travel in Boats ©2008 6.5 x 3.25 x 1.75 closed. The open book is about 17 inches long.

There is no real front or back in this book. It is based on dreams I have had about boats. They are large, simple boats, like rowboats with no oars, or lifeboats. They are always white. The web page includes text from parts of the dreams. There are three pages of notes and photos showing the stages of construction.