Saturday, October 26, 2019

A tour of my studio

I have been working on my website, for all of this year. One thing I want to add is a section with photos of my studio. Here are a few. I sometimes envy people who have neat beautiful studios, but I don't know if I could actually get work done in one. I used to know a woman who kept all her stuff in lovely baskets. It really was a nice place to hang out. But then could you splash paint around?
Looking in from the door. I am very lucky to have a large and small upstairs bedroom. My current space is smaller than my previous studio, so I had to make adjustments. I wish there was more light, but it's a nice space.

My current project. I have a large table to work on, but it's always covered with stuff so the working space is small. Right now I have a silicone mat under my collage area. It's very easy to wipe up PVA spills. The downside is that it's soft so I have to go to a different spot to draw or cut.

On the other side of the table there is a drawing and cutting station. I don't sit for long, I have to keep walking around the table to the other station. Which is good.

Random stuff. The red and blue books are old abandoned projects and a few books I made to experiment in. Their pages are left overs from other projects. The white pamphlets next to those books are some of my paper tests. The doll on the top shelf was from ReClaimIt. She was billed as a creepy doll. ??? Creepy must be in the eye of the beholder.

On the bottom shelf is storage for little bits of paper. Those are bamboo desk organizers. I can bring these flat boxes to my work table for projects. It's also pretty easy to sort the left overs back into the boxes because they are labeled. The cardboard boxes above hold file folders of larger paper, partly my old image file, and partly things I save for collage.

The boss sleeps under the table.

Some storage for rulers and stencils. Also cards Jim has made and various things that I love. The wooden ball hanging on the wall to the right held string in my grandmother's pantry.

Around the corner are more cards from people, and drawings by my nephews.

There is paper storage and a big desk in another small bedroom, these dinosaurs from my pinhole camera projects accumulate on the top of the paper storage.

a Pteranodon from eBay. Actually eBay is the source for all my dinosaurs and godzillas.
You can probably guess - I picked up a little bottle of high flow acrylics, and started shaking it on my way to the sink. Ooops! I forgot to close the top. There are splatters on the floor and the door too. Some day I'll have the wall paint out and will have to fix this. Or maybe it will become some thing...