Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Arts Jam 2011

Above: At the Book Arts Jam, 2011. I didn't take a single photo at the Jam. Luckily Jim took this one, so I have proof I was there. It was a great day - fairly steady crowd all day. I got to talk to a few people a bit, but only saw a tiny portion of the Jam. That's Lila Wahrhaftig to my left. She had wonderful collages and funny artist's books. Jim was on the other side of me with the Zymglyphic Museum road show. Photo by Jim Stewart

The Jam was a lot of fun. I met a bunch of interesting people and talked to people I have seen at the Jam before (we have a lot of regulars). I didn't get away from the table to hear speakers or see most of the artist's work. I heard good reports about both. I was one of several people interviewed for La Voz, the De Anza college newspaper. That was fun. I have no memory of what I said, I hope it made sense. I believe the article will be published in another week.

I did take my Spirits Under Glass book unfinished - it's the black book in the lower left corner of the photo. I got the pages painted, the photos mounted - it needs a cover and a colophon. Then I'll have to set up the photo equipment and take the official photos, post everything to my web site, flickr, this blog, etc. etc. This week we have guests, so all I've done is unpack.

Baba members have photos of the Jam posted in the flickr Book Arts Jam 2011 pool. The Jam got a mention in the blog Not for Fun Only.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Progress on Spirits Under Glass, the Jam is approaching

Above I'm working on the pages for Spirits Under Glass, the one-of=a-kind artist's book that will hold the photos from my Zymo 127 pinhole camera. This photo was taken last weekend, right now I'm cutting out the letters for the title in brass. Next I have to make a bezel for the glass that covers a photo that will go on the cover.

Before I forget, I want to tell you about the Jam. I will be at the Book Arts Jam on Saturday, October 15th. My table is on the left wall as you come in the main door. The Jam takes place at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, 10 to 4. There is a $2 fee for parking - bring ones or quarters. Admission to the Jam is free. Over 50 book artists will show their work. In addition there will be an exhibit of books made by members of the Bay Area Book Artists, other exhibits, a slide show of member's work, a silent auction of book arts related items and artist's talks. I have attended most of the jams, and they never fail to delight me.

I am struggling to finish this book before the Jam. Otherwise I don't think I'll have any new work. I may bring it partially completed if I don't finish.