Monday, February 11, 2019

Success! Snow Dance Worked

The day before the last predicted snow, I did this Procreate drawing, titled Snow Dance, and posted it (almost finished) to influence the snow gods. They seem to have listened - we got a nice snow. It was on the ground a couple days, so we went for several snowy walks. Unfortunately we are back to lots of rain and warmer weather now. I'm watching the neighbor's snow man slowly melt. Jim says he has never made a snowman, so I think next time we get snow we'll have to do that.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Snow Dance

As part of my experiments with intuitive drawing, I have been playing with a procedural drawing web page called Harmony. It works on my iPad and my Mac, I think it will work on any device or computer. Below is a screen I produced in Harmony.

It looks like, and is, a bunch of scribbles. But when I stare at it, I start to see interesting things.

I imported it into Procreate and started defining the shapes I liked. Above is an early stage - I selected the things I liked and moved them around to suit.

Above is the drawing, almost completed. I am posting it now because the title is "Snow Dance." It's a dance to attract the attention of the snow gods. We have a storm approaching that at first was forecast to give us around 6 inches of snow, but it has been downgraded to very little snow, interspersed with lots of rain. I do love snow and was hoping for one good storm this year.