Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tyrannosaurus cuts cookies

I found this cookie cutter in the back of a drawer - my Dad made it many years ago. I remember him sitting at the table with pliers working on them - there is a unicorn too. It's made from the top of a large tin can. The bends are definitely hand made - not at all parallel. I did use them some, back when I made cookies with little kids. Mostly they are just too precious to part with. You can imagine what my closets looks like.

I am always interested to see how much my parents and my childhood influence me even now. It's not so much the Tyrannosaurus, they are universal. It's more that the act of making solid objects that exist in the world is so satisfying. Collage, painting and drawing all have some pull for me - they are satisfying ways to explore image possibilities. Photography is a more recent interest - especially pinhole photos. But actually making a 3-d object like tools, books or cameras is the best.