Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zymo 127 pinhole camera and photos from the Zymoglyphic Museum

©2011 Zymo 127 pinhole camera. Altoids tin, brass, found spring, wooden dowel, brass nuts, fabricated. 127 film format. This camera was built to take photos in the Zymoglyphic Museum. Light levels are low in the museum, I wanted to use Tri-X, which only comes in 120 and 35mm format. So I cut down Tri-X 120 to 127 format and usually get 19 shots on a roll.

Photo of the diorama, "Getting On." I took 19 rolls of film. There was one magical roll of film that had around 10 shots that I really liked. That's a very high proportion for me. Of course there were other rolls that were complete duds, or only had one or two images I liked. Most of the photos I like best were taken with a "I wonder what will happen" attitude. I try to put my eye where the pinhole will be and guess at what will appear on the film. But it's very hit or miss. My flickr page has more photos taken with the camera, and photos of the camera in progress.