Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Effie Wood Goes on Holiday


Effie Wood Goes on Holiday, an accordion fold artist book by Judith Hoffman made of paper, collage and drawing.
Effie Goes on Holiday, accordion fold book by Judith Hoffman

Effie Goes on Holiday, ©2021. 3.5 x 4 x .75 Collage on watercolor paper, drawing, family photos scanned and printed on Epson SC P-700 printer. See the whole book on my web site. When I was a kid we had many family holidays at my grandparents house in Cincinnati. There was an assortment of ladies that seemed very old to me. I had two living great-grandmothers on my mom's side. There was also my Great Aunt Anna and her roommate, Effie Wood. When I was a kid I was told Aunt Anna was an old maid, Effie lived with her and they were close friends.

Effie Wood, possibly on holiday

It wasn't until several years ago, talking to my cousin, that I found out they might have been a couple. It was a moment for me, I never questioned the story. It must have been hard to be a lesbian couple in those days. It seems the women in our family didn't know they were a couple but the men did. Would they have been shocked? What a sad situation. Effie was a family member but she was always considered as somewhat outside the family. There are very few photos of her, she isn't in the genealogy records. She does appear in some short videos my granddad took. Luckily my uncle put them on a cd. You can see more views of the book on this web page.

Effie Wood on holiday. 

This is the photo that inspired the book. It looks like a seaside resort to me. The story in the book is  conjecture.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

My Compendium of Medical Fears

Artist book made by Judith Hoffman, made of eco-dyed paper, collage and drawing.
My Compendium of Medical Fears, eco-dyed paper, collage and drawing.

I finished this book at least a month ago, took the photos several weeks ago, and finally have processed them. So I have a web page for the book. All photos and information are on the web page. I have tons of medical fears at my age (77). It just now occurred to me, if 7 is a lucky number, 77 must either be double lucky or bad luck. I'll call it double lucky.

When will my next migraine attack happen?
When will my next migraine attack happen? A page from My Compendium of Medical Fears

In non-book news, when I am stressed I have been spinning yarn. It's very repetitive and soothing. I am drafting two colors together to blend and mix up the colors. The result is almost a heathered effect. Mixing colors of fleece is different from paints. You can see most of the yarn is a medium tone. I need to make some lights and darks. It's a new challenge that keeps me interested.

Stay well, stay safe. Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all.