Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dinosaur Wave

After finishing Oneiro, I got out the parts to a book I started sometime last year. It went pretty fast, since I was already half done. However it's taken me months to get it on my web site. Dinosaur Wave is based on a dream I had several years ago. It is also the first dream photo in Oneiro.

I'm on a wide beach. The ocean is far away. I look off toward the hills and see a huge grey mass. I realize it's a wall of water. I call to a boy who's with me. "Come, now." The other people we're with are far away and will run in the opposite direction. The boy and I run toward some low hills. I look back at the mass of water. I see a huge (4 story high) Tyrannosaurus running toward us. We turn and run away from him. There's another one coming from the other direction. The one behind us is covered in trees and shrubs. A living hillside. We're running in a ravine on a roadway. There's nowhere to go. I stop and look under the road. It's raised like a giant plank at this point. We crawl under. There are a few other people with us at this point. The dinosaurs run overhead. I think I am vaguely aware that I'm dreaming. We crawl out, go toward a cluster of houses that suddenly appear out of nowhere. I see a house with the top floor blown off a separate garage. I'm worried about the woman who lived there. She is the mom of the little girl who's with me. (the boy is now a girl). Then we see the mom, they are re-united. I wake.

Larger images and a little more info on my web page.