Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My next book: Spirits Under Glass

photo of spaceman in The Quiet Parlor of the Fishes
Another photo from the Zymo 127 pinhole camera. This one was taken in The Quiet Parlor of the Fishes, which resides in our living room. Not many people see the QPOTF in person.

In my previous blog post I showed you the Zymo 127 pinhole camera I've been using to take photos in the Zymoglyphic Museum. I could keep taking photos, but I also want to wrap this up and go on to another project. Now it's time to make a one-of-a-kind book to hold the best photos. So far I have some prepared pages, the photos and a title: "Spirits Under Glass."

My title for the book is inspired by this blog post Jim did about the museum practice of displaying spiritual objects in cases. The Zymoglyphic Museum follows the same practice, gathering interesting objects that have meaning, at least to Jim, from all over the world, and sealing them up in dioramas or vitrines.

Above is a possible sequence for Spirits Under Glass. See a larger version of this photo here. I have been struggling with the sequencing of the photos this week. I alternate between moving photos around on the work table, and the computer, where I try to find other people's ideas about sequencing photos. Every time I get a sequence I like, I take a photo. Above is my best so far.

Here and here are two interesting blog posts about sequencing. Scroll down to the second post on the second link to see the sequencing info. Somewhere I have seen the opposite opinion, too. That the pairs should have subtle intuitive relationships that make people wonder about the photos and their meaning. Somehow that's not working for me. I'm hoping to have this book done by October 15, the Book Arts Jam.