Friday, February 08, 2019

Snow Dance

As part of my experiments with intuitive drawing, I have been playing with a procedural drawing web page called Harmony. It works on my iPad and my Mac, I think it will work on any device or computer. Below is a screen I produced in Harmony.

It looks like, and is, a bunch of scribbles. But when I stare at it, I start to see interesting things.

I imported it into Procreate and started defining the shapes I liked. Above is an early stage - I selected the things I liked and moved them around to suit.

Above is the drawing, almost completed. I am posting it now because the title is "Snow Dance." It's a dance to attract the attention of the snow gods. We have a storm approaching that at first was forecast to give us around 6 inches of snow, but it has been downgraded to very little snow, interspersed with lots of rain. I do love snow and was hoping for one good storm this year.


eileen2000 said...

Cool image! I tried to play with Harmony but it locked up on my devices.

Judith Hoffman said...

I’m glad you like the image! You’re my intuitive drawing inspiration and buddy. (-: too bad it locks up for you. Did you try another browser? I thought if it’s html it should be pretty universal. If I draw one image then save on my iPad I can’t get it to draw again. I have to reload the page.