Saturday, March 11, 2006

Workshop Report, Part One

The workshop went well. It was a very nice group of 10 people. Four people drove down from Sacramento for the day. How flattering! Some had metalworking skills, some didn't. I wish there had been more time to talk. One thing I like about a class that meets weekly is being able to get to know people. I like to know what media they usually work in and what they want to do with the metalworking skills.

Book making supplies

Here you can see some of the raw materials for the books.

Looking for the right part

Here is one of the people from Sacramento, looking for the right part.

The jeweler's saw is hard for most people at first. I was impressed with how well this group did. And the little ear post rivets require some patience. This group became rivet queens pretty quickly. They were amazing.


I usually come away from teaching a class feeling inspired to get back into the studio. I get to see art through other people’s eyes. In the studio my mind thinks along a track, with occasional derailments, which might lead to good ideas. It's really fun to get it derailed by watching other people work on their art.

Next: Workshop Report, Part Two. A few shots of the books made in the workshop.

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