Friday, September 29, 2006

Brass pinhole camera

Brass pinhole camera
Originally uploaded by bertmac.
I am so excited about this project. I plan to make some tools and objects. What better tool than a pinhole camera? And I could use the resulting photos in collages.

This is my first test, to see how bad the light leaks are, whether the idea works at all.

Next I will add some feet, a shutter and maybe a viewfinder. I already have an idea for the next one. Click on the photo to see my flickr photostream. There are two photos taken with this camera, and a view of the camera open. There is also more information about the exposure times, etc.

Gotta go! I want to work on the base tonight.


Marc Snyder said...

Gosh that's gorgeous. What an exciting thing to use!

Anonymous said...

that thing is crazy gorgeous! when can i buy one in stores??

Judith Hoffman said...

Marc, thank you. Anon - don't you have a brass-cams-r-us in your neighborhood? :-)