Saturday, May 05, 2007

Open Studios is two weeks away!

Okay, now it's time to panic. I need to clean my big worktable and make some kind of display. I am tired of my old one, but I don't think there will be time to make a new one this year. Then I will get boxes of stuff out of the closet and set up. I hope to have a lot of the found objects I love around the room, like the dinosaurs above.

Keeping in mind last year's meltdown, and my general stress over these events, I am trying to be very cool. I won't do any major cleaning, there will be piles of stuff in corners and I don't plan to do a big mailing this year. I had hoped to get the Dream Focusing Device done in time to have a postcard printed, but that didn't happen. I do want to get the old jewelry out, several people asked about it last year. It is mostly earrings, a few pins, made of copper and brass. I see it as fairly simple, funky metal things that I made years ago to be shown with the more complex brooches that I was selling in galleries.

And of course I will be showing all the work I can fit on my big worktable. The Dream Focusing Device will the the star this year.

There will be a spiral binding demo both days at 1 PM. Here's a spiral bound book. It doesn't require a lot of fancy tools or special techniques.

The Zymoglyphic Museum will also be open. You can see the exibits (for free!) and take a peek into the inner depths of a natural history museum's storage area. It's guarateed to be amazing.

This is part of Silicon Valley Open Studios. We will have free map guides available.


DianneOhio said...

It has been a while since I found your blog and subscribed to it. Your lovely Fern Book drew me in.

Finally, I have had time to relax and just spent the last few days reading all your posts and taking excursions via your links. At one point, I know you were considering pulling back or quitting blogging. I hope you don't. I have enjoyed reading about your creative process and I am sure that some day I will be using some of your techniques. The pinhole camera has been a growing interest for some time.

So ... keep blogging on.

Judith Hoffman said...

Thanks Diane, it's always nice to hear from someone who reads the blog. I don't plan to quit, and I need to address that on the blog soon.