Saturday, September 01, 2007

Prayer Icon and Instruction Manual

Prayer Icon and Instruction Manual. 7.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches. The little book is 2.5 inches high. Prayer flags, candles, gas tank float, old iron, doll face, bee's wax, found objects, watercolor paper, collage, acrylics.

Instruction Manual for Prayer Icon, pages 6 and 7.

My work is changing, I'm having a hard time with it right now. Sometimes I don't feel very connected to it. And sometimes I don't feel connected to any part of my inner life. It has been painful. To keep working I start little projects that I think will be "just for fun." This one started with an old iron, which looked so much like an icon, I wanted to do something with it. You can see more views and read more about it on my web site.

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Clara said...

I like this very much, Judith. The combination of the book and the shrine is particularly resonant.

You mention that, as your art changes, you're not feeling very connected to it. Thanks for your willingness to share this. I find myself experiencing this as well, and wondering what happens next. For now my solution is to keep working, whatever it is that I feel or don't feel. As a good friend, a very good artist, has always told me: "trust the process."

Best wishes,