Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Book Arts Jam 2007 Report

As usual, I didn't see everything, not nearly. But I enjoyed the day. I did get to the PodPost table to make a purchase, bought a wonderful book from Joanne Wilson, and some papers from Nancy Welch, the author of Creative Paper Art. I also bought some cards from someone whose name escapes me. I have the receipt, but there isn't any name on it. Hopefully the cards will show up.

Every time I left my table planning to take photos, I ended up looking at all the wonderful things. I did get a few shots:

The San Jose Printer's Guild. They had these really nice little printers, business card size. I overheard someone say they go for about $100 on ebay, but make sure it has . . . some part. I really want one!

Ginger Burrell.

My table, complete with my husband, Jim. It looked much better this year. I had a list of things to take and checked everything off as it went into the car. Behind in the center, you can see Cari Ferraro. Her calligraphy is gorgeous.

My matchbox pinhole camera demo. A very nice group of people. There must have been at least 34, all my handouts were gone.

The test photo I took showing them how to take digital photos of film. It would need to be reversed in an image editing program to look "normal."

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