Saturday, February 23, 2008

TTV photography

One of my first ttv photos. Ttv stands for through the viewfinder photography, my new distraction.

You take an old camera with a large viewfinder and focus your digital camera on the surface of the viewfinder. Some fiddling must be done to figure out the right distance. Russ Morris's tutorial and the discussion page of the flickr group through the viewfinder will be helpful. These photos of my Kodak Duaflex were taken with an Olympus C-60 Zoom.

You can see there is a lot of reflection on the viewfinder. It's also hard to hold the camera in the right place. You need a "chimney."

You can make a simple chimney with a cereal box. My chimney is based on Russ Morris's instructions but not as well constructed. I added a guide for my digital camera on the top.

A little experimenting. Taken through our screen door.

Looking through the view finder, images are flipped horizontally. The world looks different and interesting photos seem to jump into place.

Added March 12, 2008: Here is another post with more information about my chimney.

I have more ttv photos on flickr.


Marc Snyder said...

How Fantastic!

TBM said...

I love this--wonderful photos!

Kathleen said...

Very fun! Thanks for the explatnation!