Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quiet Parlor of the Fishes TTV

These are through-the-viewfinder photos of The Quiet Parlor of the Fishes, in the Zymoglyphic Museum. I think as photos they are "okay," but the subject matter and the atmosphere help make them interesting.

This one benefits from both dust on the viewfinder of the Kodak Duaflex and dust on the terrarium itself. It's flaw is that the most interesting part is almost dead center. I took these quickly, as the sun was streaming in. I didn't really try to frame a good composition.

A well framed photo isn't necessarily the best one to use in a collage. This one looks too dark and mysterious to me, although I love the shadow streak across the glass. It also looks much better larger. When I was using film, my favorite photos for collage were the ones I didn't get charged for. They were blurry, streaked, or cut off by the end of the film. I do think these have some potential, I'll get them printed and leave them on my worktable.

This flickr set has more ttv photos and some shots of my set-up.
Through the Viewfinder group on Flickr. You'll see some really great photos, by expert photographers here.

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