Saturday, November 29, 2008

A walk in Central Park with my gameboy camera

Gameboy camera photos from a walk in the park on Thursday. The actual screen is 1.75 inches square. Except for the large koi, these are 200 pixels wide, about 2 inches. The camera has adjustments for brightness and contrast, and will store 30 photos. I import them into my computer by putting the gameboy on my scanner, then I increase the contrast and brightness in Photoshop.

I think these have a lot of potential for use in artist's books. You can see them larger in my flickr gameboy camera set. Of course there is a gameboy camera group on flickr.


Koi, 400 pixels wide.

Reflections in water.

Rose garden.

Portraits do work, sometimes. Anything complicated just doesn't register on these few pixels.

And the Dalai Lama, from a t.v. program. This also shows the entire Gameboy screen.

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Marc Snyder said...

Love 'em! Love love love 'em!