Monday, January 05, 2009

Dreams as Inspiration and Primitive Wire Edge Bindings

Making a primitive wire edge bound book.

My book arts group, the Bay Area Book Artists, is a volunteer run organization. We are affiliated with Foothill College, in Los Altos, California. Most of our classes and programs are presented by members. On Sunday I did a short workshop for them. First, as part of a series on content, we discussed using dreams as inspiration for artist's books. I was worried about this part. I hadn't taught (actually I just lead the discussion) anything thing like this before, and was afraid no one would want to talk about their dreams. It was a great group, there were about 20 people. Many of them had dreams to share, and there were all kinds of approaches to looking at the dreams. It seemed we could have talked much longer than we did, but we had to move on.

Then we made book models using a wire edge binding technique. I wanted to show the BABA members this because it seems to have so much potential. They are a very creative group, so I think they will take this simple version and make a bunch of great books. I'm hoping to see some in a few weeks at our Book Share meeting.

Check out the gallery on the BABA website. There is also a BABA flickr group here.

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