Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Neo-Vintage Photography workshop

Karen takes a digital photo.

The first Sunday of this month, Linda Stinchfield and I presented some techniques and gadgets -- ttv (through the viewfinder), Gameboy, Lensbaby, and zoneplate/digital pinhole -- to the Bay Area Book Artists. It was a fun day, and I think we piqued some interest.

Karen, Meggie and Diane working on a set-up.

Part of the enthusiastic BABA group.

Joanne is an accomplished photographer. On the left is a contraption I made from expanding gutter material.

People brought treasured toys and objects to photograph. They seemed to say a lot about their owners.

All these toys have both obvious and more subtle meanings.

Isn't he sweet?

An Ansco Panda. It has a medium sized viewfinder, isn't it nice looking?

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