Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Open Studios Part 2

Bird Life ©2009 - 2.75 inches high. My original drawing was scanned and resized in Photoshop. I used a Canon Pixma inkjet printer to print it on either Wassau Cottonwood or Balsa. The cover is museum board and Thai banana paper. $10. Click on either book title to see more views of the book.

As part of the BABA book share meeting, we exchange simple books. The only requirement is that they are (sort of) under 3 inches in any direction. This has inspired me to think about making fairly quick, paper books. Of course, nothing I make is really quick. Whether I spend many hours in Photoshop or actually cutting out parts, they seem to be time consuming. I will have a few of these books for sale during Open Studios this year.

Where Am I? ©2009 - 4.25 inches high. This book was inspired by my 64th birthday. I used a Canon Pixma inkjet printer to print it on 100% cotton paper. The cover is cardstock. $5.

In my previous post I omitted the most important piece of information: a location. So here it is:
A map to Studio 19 is here.

Photos of our previous open studios here.

And check out the Zymoglyphic Museum curator's blog entry for Open Studios. I love his poetic writing.

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Marc Snyder said...

The books look brilliant! Best of luck with your open studio!