Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinhole Day is coming - do you have a camera?

This is one of my matchbox pinhole cameras. It takes 35mm film and is very easy to build and use. alspix has a great tutorial. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 29th this year. You still have plenty of time to prepare. There is lots of interesting info on Without Lenses, including a great video by Nancy Breslin about pinhole photography. The Populist, designed by Nick Dvoracek, is another pinhole camera that takes 35mm film. If you have access to a darkroom, you could make Stewart Woodruff's oatmeal box pinhole camera that takes light-sensitive photo paper. Here's another camera that takes light-sensitive photo paper, and probably took me 20 minutes to make. Here's a part of my pinhole camera collection. This photo is on Camera-wiki's homemade pinhole camera page. Here's my entry for last year's WPPD. Taken with Tyrannosaurus photo ventris.

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