Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dream in Color

I’m on a train with other people. We all have these colors in big puddles - we’re trying to keep them separate. We're flying into the sky on the train. At first we are jubilant - we have color and are flying. But then the areas of color get bigger and bigger. I realize we can’t control them. They will all join together and take over everything. People start to fall into the clouds. I jump off the train. I fall through the sky. A giant boulder gets closer and closer - then I hit it - splat. And am reborn. The colors are free. I wake.


Hilke said...

It sounds like everyone has their own distinctive colour. If you don't mind sharing: which is yours?

Judith Hoffman said...

Hi HIlke, I think there was a big puddle of green in front of me. Which is surprising in a way - warm colors, especially reds, are my favorites. But who knows what it all means - green is complementary to red. I have been taking this class where color is coming into play a lot - thinking about complementary and analogous colors.