Saturday, April 21, 2018

IFJM hatching experiments

Here's a sketch I did in my "other" (not the one intended for IFJM) sketchbook, just fooling around one day. It grew and grew and I like it more and more. It isn't a finished product but it is going in the direction I want to go in. This is part of my International Fake Journal Month exploration of hatching. Comments are welcome of course. This is not intended to be a realistic portrait. It was done from a photo of my dad when he was a little boy, I neglected to include hair, so it's hard to tell the age. I am getting away from caring if I get a realistic image. Although a part of me still notices whether it's a likeness or not. Another part of me is bored with trying to achieve perfection and realism. The content matters more. Done on Mohawk Superfine text, with a Noodler Creaper pen and Lexington Grey ink. Also a grey squeeze brush pen. The paper isn't really strong enough. All in all I like the image very much.

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