Sunday, October 07, 2018

Inktober - slow days

Feeling pretty down these days, and not inspired. It's fall here, the crisp weather and the turning leaves are usually invigorating. It's just been a sad fall. Sad summer for that matter. I have also somewhat lost my momentum. I remember this from last year, I started enthusiastic, but then lost interest. I don't like any kind of rules, so an "assignment" does not sit well with me. However I plan to keep plugging away. I was trying to explore personal imagery last year, and thought this year would be easier if I just did quick ink drawings, focusing on technique. And the ring light I mentioned in a previous post does help - I don't have to walk all over the house looking for good light, or take the time to scan each drawing.

October 5. I did this drawing twice - this is the second version. I was not happy with the first but wanted to have something for the day. There have been others that I considered fails that I haven't posted.

October 6. From a photo on Sktchy. I am enjoying this journal made of old envelopes, each page presents a different challenge.

Edit - I put the wrong month on these - November. Just changed that to be accurate.

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