Sunday, April 21, 2019

Crow on black

I have been trying to keep my focus on a book I'm working on. No distractions allowed. No playing with paste papers or gelli plates. No starting another book that I have in mind. If I start on another project the current one will probably be put aside and then forgotten. At least I know that about myself. I envy people who can work on multiple projects at one time. However, to finish this book, I need some drawings. So I can sketch. I have been mostly drawing on the iPad with Procreate. Here are a couple of crows. One will probably be in the book. I am really enjoying Procreate, the ability to draw, erase, draw, erase is very fun.

The crow above was started on a solid black background. There is a lot more erasing than drawing going on here.

this one started with a very loose sketch, I liked his crowtitude so much I kept working on it. The one on black was done after this one. Looking at them now I like the one on black much better. That will probably be the one that goes into my book but I will have to cut out the black background.


Don Drake said...

Yeah , the added environment of the murky background maes the drawing feel much more resolved. If you drop the black will you be able to keep the gray background?

I wonder how that would look

Judith Hoffman said...

Possibly - I am collaging in this book, my drawings are printed on tracing paper so the background (eco-dyed paper) shows thru. I think if I tear around the crow, leaving the gritty stuff, it will work. I’ll have to print them and hold them up to the page. Hopefully by the end of this week that page spread will be done. I’ll post it here.

Cindy said...

I don't think I've seen any animal drawings of yours. These give much happiness.

Judith Hoffman said...

Thank you Cindy! That’s wonderful to hear. I don’t draw animals very often, but then crows can seem to have so much personality. Of course all the other animals I have had close contact with also have had a lot of personality.