Monday, June 28, 2021

Pasta maker and tetrapak printing


tetrapak plate, two prints on Stonehenge and Kitikata papers

Well, this is exciting. I have been playing with the pasta maker printing and I think it's working. It's very hot so my ink gets thick and hard to wipe in less than a minute. I'm using Blick waterproof block printing ink. However, I think the light print from the last post was due to not rubbing the ink into the incised lines. I like almost everything about these prints. The Kitikata works nicely, thanks to Aine Scannell for that suggestion. I need to learn to keep my hands clean, but progress is being made. And I realized the Tetra pak plates are so easy to come by, I can draw blind contours on them and choose the one I want to add hatching and details to. 

I guess people in hotter areas would not be impressed by our heat, but today it's supposed to be 113 degrees. Right now, 6 pm, it's 108 here. I don't think we will get much hotter, but that's enough. Tomorrow it will be much cooler. 


eileen2000 said...

I really like the look of these. what is tetrapack?

Judith Hoffman said...

I should have said - it's the containers for things like soy milk. Some juices, broth, I don't know what else. You can use a stylus to scratch on the surface, it holds the ink okay. Some people say they get around 20 prints from one plate. So not a strong plate, but so fast and cheap. No chemicals needed like when you need to etch a metal plate. And with the pasta machine, no expensive press! I can show you at the next Salon if you want. It's supremely suited to drawing. Although if you peel away the inside aluminum layer it prints very dark in that area. There is cardboard under the aluminum.

Judith Hoffman said...

I have to correct my last comment - people get around 30 prints with the Akua plates - they are plastic. Most people say 5 or 10 prints with the tetrapak. I have to make changes and alter my plate inking so much that I have made 5 prints before I get one I like. Still I'm hoping for improvement.