Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Economical Flex Shaft

Browsing through a recent Art Jewelry Magazine , I saw a review for an Economy Flex Shaft from Contenti. Here’s a quote from the review: “The motor runs smoothly . . . Other features such as the chuck, hand piece and shaft all appear equal in quality to similar products . . . For the student or dedicated hobbyist this flex shaft is an excellent value.”

Flex shaft machines are enclosed motors that hang above your worktable, with a shaft that comes down and drives the drill bit. The handpiece has jaws, like a household drill, that open and close with a chuck key. Flex shafts are convenient because they have a foot pedal, leaving both hands free. The contenti economy model costs $66, and has a 90 day return guarantee. The product number is 236-971. If you bought this you would also want a way to hang it. Contenti has a holder for flex shafts that screws to your work table for about $17, product number 236-012. (I hang my flex shaft from a large bicycle hook screwed into the rafters in my studio – just make sure it’s not going to fall.)

I have to say, I’m not affiliated with Contenti in any way, and don’t think I have ever ordered from them. I don’t know how long this flex shaft would last. They say they tested it under all-day-use with good results, but they don’t recommend it for that. To me, this means it’s not strong enough for a classroom or production jewelry shop. But it might be great for one person doing a variety of tasks. I am considering buying one for myself. I have an old flex shaft I bought used that has been altered, and I keep expecting it to break. During the classes I teach in my studio, it can get very hot.

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