Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Expedition to an Unknown Land" added to my Web Site

I spent some time this past week adding a book I completed last year to my web site.

This is "The Findings of the Expedition to an Unknown Land by Ludmilla Paulsdotter." You can see a larger view and more of the inside here..

I found most of the photos on ebay, one big box for about $25. There were lots of shots of camping trips, new houses (probably in the late 40's), and houses in snow. Some had notes on the back. "Barney's 75 pounds of catfish. The ones on each end weighed 10 and 10.5 pounds." I love old photos. They are a peek into someone else's life. It's like driving around at night and seeing houses with the lights on and the curtains open.

When I bought them, I didn't know what I would use them for, just that they looked so useful. When I spread them out on my big worktable, I noticed I could make a landscape by keeping the horizon line even. I used the "dry" method of collage. Here are links to my collage tutorials: Collage demo, part 1. Collage demo, part 2. It's a little tedious and slow, but the surface looks like photos and the pages don't stick to each other.

The recognizable people in the book are from my family photos. I scanned them and had them reprinted. It worked great because I could make them the size I needed.

I will be a little irregular in my posts for the next few weeks. (Not that I consider the last few weeks to be so regular.) Open Studios in San Mateo is May 20 and 21st. I am feeling overwhelmed by the list of things I need to do by them, plus making some progress on getting repairs done in the house.

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