Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Volcano Book

I am making progress on the volcano book. I sandwiched the paper for the pages between two sheets of copper and cut them all out as a unit. I like to work from the inside out, so I am collaging the pages first, then I will decide on the design for the cover.

In the image above, the part with the plume is the back cover and the partial volcano is the front.

Here are three sets of pages. They were textured with pumice gel, then painted with black gesso and dry brushed with several shades of grey. Usually I keep the surface of the collage dry, by applying PVA only on the backs of the pieces of paper. This is the method I posted about in December. I like to keep the page surface dry in books so the pages won't stick together over time. Acrylics seem to always stay a little sticky and the pages can fuse together, especially on hot days.

I'm using a different collage technique this time. I'm layering everything on with Matte Medium. It's faster and easier. I will probably dust the pages with cornstarch in the end. This has been a good way to keep them from sticking together in the past.

I am also using lots of transfers and paper aging techniques in this book. I have heard about some of them over the years, but haven't experimented with them much. I'm taking a wonderful Box Art class with Inge Infante at the Community School of Music and Art. She has been doing demos every week. It's inspiring to see someone else do art, and it's easier for me to see how the techniques could work for me when I get to see the examples and the demo. I have admired Inge's work for years and it's very nice to see how she works and to hear her talk about her process.

The other artists in the class are great people, Inge is a good teacher and I am having so much fun. I've made a few boxes, and will put them on the blog as time allows. I fall asleep at night thinking about what to do the next time I get into the studio, and I wake up in the morning thinking about what I have to get done so I can get back into the studio. I recently went through a long period of feeling unconnected with my art, and depressed. I am delighted with this new sense of urgency and play.

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