Friday, October 20, 2017

Continuing with Inktober

I'm falling behind, I had dental surgery the beginning of the week. I'm not sure if it was the medications or my general frame of mind, but I didn't want to draw at all. By yesterday (Thursday) it was fun again. So now I'm trying to catch up. My original goal was to do some experimenting with content. I want to explore the possibilities of seeing imagery in marks. I started with scribbly lines but quickly changed to ink splattered and dropped on the paper. Now my other goal is to have 31 sketches by the end of the month. A few will cover several days.

I won't assign days to the drawings since they are done in groups, its enough to be getting them done. Originally I wanted to draw more than I normally do, but haven't been. It takes time to take photos, edit them and upload. I committed to doing this on Sktchy as well as here, so I am also distracted by everyone else's wonderful drawings.
This is Ogim, my new crush. His photo was found on Sketchy. In order to catch up I am doing some very quick, loose sketches.

Ogim again, more quick sketches. This is out of order, date-wise, but I'm showing the least interesting first.

Very quick studies of cat and dog skeletons. I wanted to see how the legs work, but ended up also really liking the spines.

The image on the right was for day 12, I'm showing both sides of the sketchbook because they relate to each other a little. I'm not sure I like the totem pole effect, but I do like the dog crossing behind.

I wasn't crazy about this one at first, it seems a little too obvious with the wings. But I like it better now. The paper had water sprayed on, then ink dropped on.

I worked on this one for several days and will count it as two. It seems a little scattered to me. However there are parts I do like and could probably make it into two or three drawings. I keep forgetting I don't like 90 degree cross hatching. It makes me think of those plastic net bags we used to get onions and oranges in. I think I need to get out my inspiration books out again. #Inktober #Inktober2017


Hilke Kurzke said...

I am only catching up now - sorry for keeping quiet, thanks for the offer to explain in more detail your ink-splashing technique, I'll come back to that :-)

Sorry to hear you had medical problems! Teeth, ugh, that's the worst. I hope you are better now!

Interesting to see you change your topic. The dogs at the top in particular look so different from what you drew before.

Judith Hoffman said...

Hilke, I am looking for a “style” or some way to approach drawing that interests me. The quick sketches of the dog were fun, easy, warm-ups. But they don’t hold my interest. I’m not sure where this will go or if it will ever translate into artist’s books I do hope so.