Thursday, October 05, 2017

Inktober Day 4

A rough beginning on an intuitive sketch turned out to be not very inspiring, so I decided to try this photo from Sktchy which I thought would be a great challenge. It was, and there are multiple mistakes. Still, it was fun and with a daily deadline I can't dwell on the mistakes or do-overs. Time to take the photo and move on. #inktober #intober2017


Hilke said...

I thought this image was really striking. - I am not sure I understand the bit about a photo... This seems very different from your inks before, in that it does look much more life-like (which is probably due to the photo story I didn't get). The lines on the face, however, create a certain distance, that fits in well with the spooky theme so far. - Or ist that just my psyche that thinks that ink on the face lends it something alien?

Judith Hoffman said...

Hilke I’m sorry, I just saw this comment. There is an iOS app called Sktchy where people post photos for others to draw from. It is a strange photo- the woman has this cross painted on her face. I don’t know if it has any significance. Your comment about the lines creating a distance is interesting to me. I think I want to draw people in. That said, I often think about people I love who have died when I’m doing the intuitive sketches on scribbles, so that may push people away.