Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Book About Art Inspired by Dreams

Today the mailman brought me a wonderful book called Dreams 1900-2000: Science, Art and the Unconscious Mind, edited by Lynn Gamwell. It is divided into three sections. The first section contains 88 pages of essays about art and psychology. (At a glance they appear to be fairly scholarly, at least there are footnotes.)

The second section is a Gallery of 152 color plates. Here's a sample image:
Water Dream
(Donna Fenstermaker, Water Dream, 1990, artist’s book. “Along the top of the pages in this accordion fold book the artist wrote the text of a dream about swimming toward something in the water.”)

The third section is titled “Dream Archive.” There are about 90 pages of smaller, black and white images of various artworks. The images include a few artist’s books, as well as painting, drawing, photography, dance and film.

My Mother Haunts My Dreams
(Natalie Becker, My Mother Haunts My Dreams, 1998, oil on canvas.)

This book is available at Hamilton Book for $12.95. (published at $50)


Beth Lee said...

Judith, I'm so glad to see another book artist blogging! I've subscribed to your blog, and I look forward to looking backward through your blog to catch up.

Jen said...

Terrific blog Judith! I enjoyed seeing some process, as well as photos of your work.
I lurk on the BOOKARTS list because I repair books for a living.
I blog because I am part of a quilt artist's web ring. Maybe you should start a "book artist" web ring. Jen

yayadada said...


Thanks for sending me info' about your blog. I think this is a great repository for ideas and also gives me some idea of your work process.
Julia (from BABA)