Monday, February 20, 2006

Three day weekend, lots of art time

I got a lot done this weekend, it was lovely!

The landscape looked blocky, like piles of starofoam, so I first filled in the gaps with spackle. There is also spackle smeared across the tops of the hills.

The tops of the little hills were still very flat, so I pushed the palm tree trucks into the starofoam and then built up some more surface with DAS Pronto clay. I mixed it with a big blob of PVA to increase adherence. DAS isn’t supposed to shrink when it dries, but it did shrink a little where I hadn't mixed it with the PVA. You can see a horizontal crack that I'll have to fix.

Here's a detail shot. You can see a palm trunk and some redwood bark that I used to simulate rocks. The smaller rocks are from the hobby store. I have also painted the ground with coarse pumice gel, and the creek bed with fine pumice gel.

I am taking an assemblage class right now with Inge Infante. So I also have two boxes in progress. Three dimensional art is sometimes very hard for me and I have admired Inge's boxes for years. This seems like a good way to get a little more experience in assemblage. Hopefully it will translate into some little metal boxes I want to make.

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