Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Workshop Sunday March 5, 2006 at Cubberly

Please note: I have been passing out a postcard with the wrong date. The correct date for the workshop is Sunday, March 5th.

Instruction Manual for the Moon, #2 of 3
Above: Instruction Manual for the Moon, #2 of 3, 2006. Front and back covers. The covers are brass with found objects riveted to them.

On Sunday, March 5, 2006 I will be teaching a one-day workshop for the Palo Alto Art Center from 10 to 4. The class will meet at Cubberly in the jewelry studio. We will make a small artist's book out of copper clad plastic, which is a wonderful material for bookmaking. It's easy to cut and will take the same patinas as regular copper. You will learn to use the jeweler’s saw, rivets (or tiny nuts and bolts) and a few other hand tools. I will bring the copper clad plastic and an assortment of found objects. Students could bring found objects under about 3 inches that they would like to incorporate into a book. This is a great way to use some of those little things you have hoarded in your studio.

Instruction Manual for the Moon, #2 of 3
Above: Instruction Manual for the Moon, pages 4 and 5. The pages are copper clad plastic, with a liver of sulfur patina. The copper arch shape on the right was cut out with a jeweler's saw. Found objects were riveted to the pages. The moonscape across the bottom of the pages was made by gluing a moon map to copper clad plastic and cutting out the shapes I wanted.

My students have included assemblage artists, bookmakers, sculptors and people who are curious or adventurous. Click here to see books that students have made in my classes.

You can cut a huge variety of materials with a jeweler’s saw. These include plexiglas, Davey board, some plastics, masonite, copper clad plastics and of course, copper, brass and silver. The jeweler’s saw blade is so fine you can make a very sharp turn easily. You can add objects to altered board books with rivets or nuts and bolts. I could go on and on here. I love these tools and techniques.

Register online at the City of Palo Alto catalog page or call them at 650-463-4900.

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