Friday, May 12, 2006

Check this out!

I struggle to write anything about my work. I know the content so intimately I can't see it through other people's eyes. And of course I think visually, how can I put that into words? Last week I was re-doing a few things on my web site and I added a new Artist's Statement. It formed in my head as I was working on the web site. Maybe because I was looking at a lot of pictures of my work. I also left the old statements there. All together they might say something. I am not even sure.

Then I had to write an announcement for Open Studios. When I read the "entice me" entry on Allyson Stanfield's blog (February 13), I thought "Well, that kind of hyperbole isn't me. I am more straightforward. I am not attracted to anything where everyone who is anyone will be there. I don't care about being anyone." This is an interesting blog, in general, I just didn't go for this particular entry.

Then Jim sent out this announcement for Open Studios. I think it's fantastic. The Zymoglyphic Museum is in our driveway, and I do see it on a regular basis. But after reading his announcement I want to go out there and see it again. I think it's much better than the examples Allyson has in her blog (imho, as they say). It has humor, it describes the new work, it has a picture (very important to me - and I didn't put one in my recent, bland announcement).

I asked him how he did it. He says he removes himself, he steps back and writes as the museum staff would. I wonder if this isn't an approach that would work for me? Write as a gallery would? Or cop ideas from something someone else has written about you. I'll have to send out another announcement soon, people have been telling me I should have included a photo. I guess I have to work on it.

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