Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It must be true

My fortune from last night's fortune cookie.

Progress so far on the studio clean-up. I'm checking the book sizes against the height of the shelves. You can see the lovely and expensive set up I'm using. Those are 1 and 5 gallon plant containers, de-spidered, I promise. And some old boards across the top of them. This is actually an easy-to-transport set up. I used it at the Book Arts Jam two years ago. I will throw some sheets over the top Friday night. Our two adorable, but rambunctious, cats can uninstall (de-install?) for me in 10 minutes flat.

I was hoping to have time this week to run some errands and do more gardening. Monday when I was packing up stuff in boxes, I was afraid I would be done early and have nothing to work on. So I put all my collage stuff together in one box, easy to get to. Hahaha! Silly me, I hope to have it all together by Saturday.

Here's what I used for my reminder email (I included an image of the dinosaur book):
"The excitement is building! Well, I hope yours is, I’m running around, pulling art out of closets right now. My new work includes a book in a dinosaur and an explosive volcano book with a hammered copper cover and collaged pages. I will also have the maquette for my big project, 7 Extinction Events, on display. There will be a tube rivet demo at 1 pm both days. Tube rivets are a more versatile grommet. You can use brass, copper or silver tubing in various sizes. They can be applied to paper, book board, plastics and metal. (Mailing List Special Treatment: If you ask me, and if things aren't’t too busy, I’ll repeat the demo for you at other times.)"

I think it's a little more interesting than the first one.

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