Friday, May 26, 2006

Open Studios: After

Inge models "Lorgnette for a Fish Goddess" while Corrine and Linda look on.

Whew! Open Studios was a week ago. I don't have my studio back to it's usual messy state yet. The preparation was hard work, putting things back is almost as hard. But it was fun. I got to talk to lots of people. Some people came to see what I was working on. Some people came to ask questions about tools or other art processes. I know some artists don't want to talk about how they work, but I really enjoy it.

The question I get asked most often is: "Do you make money?" No, not really. I often make back what I have spent, but not always. This year I sold a few things, but not quite enough. I am doing some of the things "they" suggest to make money. I have some cards with images of my work that I sell for $5 and under. I usually put out what is left of the jewelry I used to make, and sell it wholesale. (I didn't do that this year - see below.) But I'm not a business person. My main focus is to show people the work I love, and to get to talk to other artists about art. I feel Open Studios was very successful this year. People came to tell me how much they like what I do, that is wonderful. Some people expressed an interest in workshops, that's great. And we talked about art and tools. What could be better?

Yes, I did have a little melt down on Friday. I couldn't find a mirror I usually put up near the jewelry. I was tired and so frustrated. I didn't have to have the jewelry out. It seemed the best thing to do was to let go of that part of my plan.

I added an Open Studios 2006 photo tour to my web site.

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