Monday, September 17, 2018

Inktober sketchbook made of envelopes

Gearing up for Inktober, I got this little envelope book from badbooks on Etsy. The pages are envelopes and the cover is double thick cardboard. A friend calls it a junk journal. It arrived tied shut with string. I could make my own, but really wanted to see the security prints from England, or any other place for that matter. We only get mail from a few places, the bank, a few bills that can't be paid online. These are all different. It's very fun to draw in. Regular fountain pen ink (de Atramentis) bleeds, but Pitt pens are fine. The pages are small and not intimidating. I usually do two or three two-page spreads in an evening.

Above - drawn with sepia Pitt pen.

Above - 2b pencil. I am experimenting with drawing with straight lines. Another tip from Sktchy. I like the look of it.


Anonymous said...

Love your "junk journal" with paper harvested from all kinds of mail and random paper. Your drawings look like they belong there. We're leaving for Europe in a couple days where we'll visit five countries. Would you like me to scavenge for you?

Judith Hoffman said...

Oh yes! I'd love you to scavenge for me! Who is this "anonymous?" Someone whose name starts with a W?