Tuesday, September 04, 2018

More Zymoglyphic Finds

I love it when I pick up something and Jim's eyebrows go up in appreciation. Just today I found what might be a mostly dried apple, it's dark and a little soft still. Jim liked it at first glance, but then rejected it because it's soft. So I placed in on our covered porch, to either mold and melt, or to dry up more.

I don't remember this one - it looks like a piece of cement with moss. Jim is a sucker for moss.

Some kind of seed pod, it may not count because I think it fell apart later. Jim saw wings.

A part of a wasp nest. It's a little torn and possibly will be unidentifiable in a diorama. Which adds to the appeal.

And because this post seems very boring - here is an amazing Bushtit nest, found by Jim, not me. Made of lichen, spider webs, other plant material. Here's a great article about Bushtits. The best part - other Bushtits help build the nest, and the assistants help feed the baby birds. All birds, the parents, the babies, the assistants roost in the nest at night.

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