Wednesday, September 05, 2018

It's me again

I'm just complaining here - I enjoy pencil sketching until the end. When I step back (or scan) and see the smudges it's frustrating. I know the tips - use your little finger to hold your hand off the page. But in the moment I forget. And erasing doesn't work well - I can't erase in the hatched areas. It's also hard to hold the sketchbook in the right place and also keep my hand elevated with my little finger. I like to sketch with my feet propped up in the evening. I suppose I should try it at my work table where I have better posture. No wonder I like pen and ink.

The other thing I like about this image is the angle - "they" always say "don't take photos pointing up your nose." It is unflattering, but I just took a personality test online, so now I have verification. I'm a Rebel. Sort of, not really in my estimation, but the 8 question quiz thinks I am.

Edit 9-9-18: Right after posting this, a tip on Sktchy mentioned an artist's leaning bridge. It's a strip of fairly thick plexiglass about 3 inches wide, with feet on each end. You place it so it spans your drawing and you can rest your hand on it. Kind of like a mahl stick that painters use. The same tip also mentioned using a back scratcher in a pinch. It would be easy to make, but a few art supply places online have them. Jerry's Artarama has them at the moment.

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